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It's 97 degrees outside and not a cloud in sight.  You can hear the rhythmic lapping of the waves on the shore and feel the light breeze blowing in from the ocean.  The sand is a golden brown as you look out at the volleyball net gently swaying.  You finish your stretching and step out on the court, watching your opponents dance from foot to foot to avoid burning themselves on the white-hot sand.  You're not worried, though - you're wearing sand socks and your feet are nice and comfortable.

Whether you're on a beach, on a sand court or in the grass, sand socks are your friend.  If your thing is playing volleyball or soccer or just simply walking around, you'll appreciate the simplicity and comfort of the lycra soles and neoprene top keeping your feet cool when the heat runs high and warm when the temperatures drop.  Sand socks provide a vital insulation between the surface and your feet.

And Spicy or Mild is the place to get them.  We don't just sell these priceless inventions of the modern age - we use them.  All the time.  You won't catch any of us out playing volleyball in the heat of the midwest summer without a pair of sand socks on our feet.  Why?  It's easy - because we value our feet.  And we value the competitive edge that they give us when everyone else is hopping around like a stork to avoid third-degree burns on their soles.

Vincere Sand Socks by Spicy or Mild where we value your feet.

Our Mission

Providing affordable, comfortable and light weight footwear while protecting your feet from the elements.  Maintain your competitive edge without the distraction of scorching your feet or freezing your toes.  Saving feet everywhere one pair of sand socks at a time.

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General Information: hot@spicyormild.com
Sales: habanero@spicyormild.com
Customer Support: spicy@spicyormild.com
Webmaster: honey@spicyormild.com


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